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Tools: Monitoring software

Tools that monitor computer activity

Monitoring tools inform adults about a child's online activity without necessarily limiting access. Some of these tools simply record the addresses of Web sites that a child has visited. Others provide a warning message to a child if he/she visits an inappropriate site. Monitoring tools can be used with or without the knowledge of the child. GetNetWise recommends that parents and other adults discuss and explain the use of monitoring tools with children so that they can learn Internet-appropriate behavior.

Below are links to FREE programs to monitor your child's internet usage.

PC Watch
PC Watch is an easy to use tool for basic PC activity monitoring. It captures a desktop screenshot every 15 minutes and logs all keystrokes that are typed. You can review the captured screenshots as thumbnails, organized by day of the week, and click on them to view a full screen version of the image. The keystroke log is also organized by day, making it easy to review long-term logs. An optional Pro version allows to change the interval for screen captures to less than 15 minutes.

I-Spy by WebSpy, is the perfect tool for monitoring the Internet activity of employees, students and children. With I-Spy you can ensure that computer resources are being used correctly, see what web sites have been visited, view the cookies downloaded, the files shared across the network and bandwidth hungry FTP downloads on any PC or Workstation. A simple and quick process that interprets a computers' Temporary Internet Files, I-Spy uncovers the size, time and location of almost all internet activity to help you manage your computer resources.