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Tools: Filtering Sexual Content

Tools filtering out sexually explicit content

Almost all filtering software blocks sexually explicit material, including graphic depictions of sexual acts, nudity, and sexually explicit text. Most filtering tools will prevent access to most material of this sort, but none are perfect. A tool that uses multiple blocking and filtering strategies may limit access to more sites, but it can also limit access to sites that include educational resources or articles on the censorship of such material (both for and against).

Remember: It's the company that makes the software that determines what gets blocked. The values or criteria it uses may be different from those of your family.

Also remember: No filtering or blocking system is fool-proof. Parents will always need to remain involved in their child's online life. Kids will always need to know what their families' rules are and how to stay safe.

Below are links to FREE programs to filter your child's internet usage.

Naomi - Internet Filter
Naomi is an advanced Internet filtering program, easy to use and totally FREE, intended for families and parents in particular. Naomi's filtering technology features Heuristic analysis capable of recognizing new sites automatically and monitoring is not limited to web sites, but covers the whole local Internet traffic. Other features include: Semantic analysis of web page contents and analysis of their addresses and links; Recognizes the major languages; Recognizes ICRA labelling system; Works with any software application, and does not alter their settings; Password protected (the password is chosen during the installation); Does not require configuration; Can be used on slow connections (it does not perform any download in background).

Parental Filter - Internet Filter
Parental Filter is a 100% freeware blocker. It specialises in blocking pornographic websites, nothing more, nothing less. Parental Filter is automatic, you just turn it on and porn gets blocked.