Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons


Patrolman August Mayford

Alton Patrolman August Mayford was kidnapped and murdered on October 16th, 1937, while patrolling the Downtown Alton business district. After being shot eight times in the back, he was taken to a field near Edwardsville where his body was dumped and found several days later. Mayford's murderer was never identified. Below are photographs which originally appeared in the Alton Evening Telegraph, along with a link to the exact transcriptions of the news articles with details of his dissappearance and death.

Henry Hommert, courthouse employee, is shown here sifting dirt spaded from the spot where the body of August Mayford was found near Edwardsville on November 1, 1937.

Another view of the area where Mayford's body was found. Both photos are from the Alton Evening Telegraph, November 2, 1937.
Newspaper article outlining incident