Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons



The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) was formed in 2003 as a consortium of local law enforcement agencies in Illinois. The formation was as a result of the Acts of Terrorism surrounding 09/11 and through the efforts of the Illinois Chief's of Police Association Terrorism Committee.

Formed with funding and assistance from the Illinois Terrorism Task Force, ILEAS is based on the fire service mutual aid model MABAS or Mutual Aid Box Alarm System and it's predecessor, the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System or NIPAS. ILEAS has been appointed by the Governor of Illinois as the representative of local law enforcement of Illinois to the Illinois Terrorism Task Force.


The State of Illinois is divided into 11 ILEAS regions. Each region elects one police chief and one sheriff to act as regional co-chairs on the ILEAS Governing Board. The Illinois State Police, the Chicago Police Department, the Illinois Sheriff's Association and the Illinois Association of Chief's of Police maintain representatives on the Governing Board as well. Alton Police Chief David Hayes sits on this Governing board

The co-chairs of each region appoint a regional board of other law enforcement command officers to act as liaisons and assist with coordination of activities within their region. Alton Police Chief David Hayes sits as co-chair for this region (Region 8) These co-chairs also choose who will command the ILEAS Weapons of Mass Destruction Special Response Team (WMD-SRT). Alton Police Department Sgt. Michael Gordon serves as the Region 8 SRT Team Commander.

The Governing Board meets monthly to conduct business such as reviewing and setting budgets, setting policy and providing direction for all ILEAS sponsored programs. ILEAS maintains an office and full time staff in Urbana, Illinois.


ILEAS is primarily funded through grants provided by the Department of Homeland Security Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program. Since it's inception, ILEAS has received over $36 million in grant funds from 1995 through 2005. The ILEAS budget is monitored and audited by the staff of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.


The mission of ILEAS is to meet the needs of law enforcement throughout the State of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response and the combining of resources for efficient and effective public safety. ILEAS' primary activity is to coordinate and combine the resources from over 1,000 city, village, county, district, university, railroad and state law enforcement agencies within Illinois. The ILEAS motto is, "Through Cooperation, Strength."

Mutual Aid

ILEAS administers a statewide mutual aid system. Eleven WMD-SRT Teams have been established and are being trained and equipped to respond to a wide variety of tactical and terrorist situations.

In order to be members, all agencies must sign the same authorized mutual aid agreement, thereby giving their officers authority when responding to requests for mutual aid in other areas of the State.

Each member agency pre-plans their emergency mutual aid plan, complete with staging areas, maps and contacts for mutual aid responders.

For additional information regarding the ILEAS Region 8 Weapons of Mass Destruction Special Response Team, contact the Team Commander:

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System
Sgt. Michael Gordon
1700 East Broadway
Alton, Illinois 62002
618-463-3505 x249