Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Drug Unit

Drugs Within the Investigation Bureau of the Alton Police Department is a separate unit that has the responsibility to address the illicit drug crime in the City of Alton and cross-jurisdictional regions, from which illegal drugs are trafficked into the City of Alton. The two-man Alton Police Department Drug Unit is under the command of the Chief of Detectives and is supervised by a Detective Sergeant.

The Alton Police Department Drug Unit networks their efforts with other drug enforcement agencies throughout the region in a cooperative effort. Some of the agencies that work with the Alton Police Department Drug Unit are the Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southwestern Illinois (M.E.G.S.I.), the Illinois State Police Drug Conspiracy Unit, the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (B.A.T.F.).

The primary objectives of the Alton Police Department Drug Unit include investigating the illegal drug trade in two methods - Covert Operations and Overt Operations. Covert Operations consist of undercover work directly against those who traffic illegal drugs in and out of the City. This effort is usually involves long-term investigations that utilize special equipment and coordination with other drug enforcement agencies to produce conspiracy-related criminal cases against the network of an illegal drug dealing enterprise. Overt Operations is a visible, comprehensive action that addresses the street corner drug dealing, suspected drug houses and the small and mid-level drug traffickers and drug abusers.

The Drug Unit relies on the help of the citizens to report their observations of suspected drug activity. The relationship between the Alton Police Department and its citizens has a direct correlation to the success of eradicating the drug problems in their respective neighborhoods. If you suspect there is illegal drug activity in your neighborhood, you can report your observations and/or suspicions in several ways:

Call the Alton Police Department by phone at 463-3505 and immediately report suspected drug activity that is in progress. You must have detailed information such as a description of vehicles and persons involved.

Contact the Alton Police Department Patrol Division, by phone at 463-3505, and report on-going suspected drug activities. You must have detailed information of houses, vehicles and persons for the information to be useful.

Contact the Drug Unit directly at 463-3505 extension 234 and speak to a detective in the Drug Unit.

Call the Alton Police Department Anonymous Tip Hotline at 465-5948 and give as much detail as possible.

E-mail the Drug Unit with specific information at

In any of the methods you wish to report suspected drug activity, you can remain anonymous, if you wish. The names of citizens who report suspected drug activity are kept confidential.