Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Evidence Division-Crime Scene

Evidence Technician

Evidence Vault area This photograph shows the interior of the Evidence Vault area where Homicide Evidence is stored (gray tubs).
File Cabinets These file cabinets contain Fingerprint, Forgery, and photographic Evidence.
File Cabinet Shelves Larger items, Guns, Drugs, And all other Evidence are stored on these large moving shelf systems.(Evidence is rotated out of the vault as cases are closed, items claimed ,or evidence is no longer needed for prosecution).
Crime Scene Van The crime scene van is fully stocked with all equipment necessary for crime scene processing and contains generator and lighting system for remote scenes in darkness.
The A.P.D. Laboratory The A.P.D. Laboratory is used to process evidence not processed in the field it has plenty of counter space and fuming hoods, to remove potentially toxic fumes created from chemical reactions involved in the evidence recovery process.