Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Evidence Division-Crime Scene

Evidence Technician

Bag of Evidence Items The Evidence Section of the police department is available to the public for property pick-up from 9am to 3pm. Monday through Friday. Anyone wishing to claim property outside of these hours can do so by contacting the Evidence Officer by telephone at (618) 463-3505 Ext. 229 to arrange an appointment for pick-up.

Property taken as evidence in a felony crimes can only be released to the legal owner. The release will occur at the request of the Detective assigned to the investigation and with the authorization of the Madison County States Attorney Office. All property used in the prosecution of court cases can be released 30 Days after the final disposition.

When picking up property always have proper identification and be prepared to sign a property release receipt. Anyone attempting to pick up a firearm must present a valid Illinois Firearms Owner's Identification Card (F.O.I.D.).

All firearms that make their way into the Evidence Section, regardless of the circumstances in which they were taken, will be submitted to the Illinois State Police Forensic Lab for test firing and comparison to the state database. Depending on the volume of active cases at the lab, this process could take several weeks.

Bicycles are recovered as found items and are stored at an off-site storage facility. If you are missing a bicycle and have a description of it, contact the Evidence Officer by telephone at (618) 463-3505 Ext. 229. All bicycles recovered are stored a minimum of 60 days prior to being auctioned.

The Alton Police Department may only return personal property belonging to deceased individuals to next of kin, after a Coroner's Inquest is held and a disposition and approval of the release is issued from the Madison County Coroner's Office. In some instances items of evidence may be required by state statute to be retained indefinitely by the police department.