Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Evidence Division-Crime Scene

Evidence Technician

The mission of the Evidence Section is to accept, catalog, safeguard, store, produce as required for court, return to legal owner or otherwise legally dispose of all property coming into the custody of the Alton police department.

Property received by the Evidence Section includes evidence related to all crimes investigated by the Alton Police Department, and contains general property of all descriptions.

All property coming into and leaving the Evidence Section is subject to strict legal constraints. Property that can be legally returned to its rightful owner is done so in a timely manner. Contraband is destroyed when it is no longer needed for a criminal case.

Shotguns December 2004. A collection of the firearms that were seized from the streets of Alton during the investigation of various gun related offenses. This photo was taken before the guns were sent to Alton Steel Mill to be melted. Click for more detail.