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Here is a collection of videos that can be played directly from here. Topics include information on viruses, spyware, scams, identity theft, and protecting yourself and family while on-line. If you're new to learning about protecting your computer and your information online, you can start with the basics. Note: All videos require Macromedia Flash Player 7.0 .


Three think you can do to prevent spyware
300k (broadband) | (2:56 minutes)
What you should know about phishing scams
300k (broadband) | (3:32 minutes)
Defending against viruses and worms
300k (broadband) | (3:44 minutes)
Keeping your computer up to date
300k (broadband) | (3:18 minutes)
Dealing with spam e-mail
300k (broadband) | (3:13 minutes)
Protecting your privacy and personal information online
300k (broadband) | (3:14 minutes)
Using online newsgroups
300k (broadband) | (3:26 minutes)
Teaching your kids about online safety
300k (broadband) | (3:54 minutes)
US Department of Justice ID Theft Now
100k Stream | (24:04 minutes) ID Theft Video
100k Stream | (2:30 minutes)