Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Community Services Division

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Mall store decorated for Christmas - Stay alert and be aware of what's going on around you

-Go shopping with a friend, or let someone know where you are going and when you will return

-Keep your car in good running condition. Make sure there is enough gas to get where you are going and back

- Park in a well-lighted space, and be sure to lock your car, and hide your shopping bags and gifts in the trunk or cover them

-When returning to your car don't overburden yourself with packages and have your keys ready to open your car

- Avoid carrying a large amount of cash; pay with checks and credit cards when you can

-Keep an eye on your credit card make sure only one slip is printed up, and tear up the carbons after using your credit card

- Deter pickpockets, put your wallet in your front pocket

- Women should carry their purses in front of them and make sure their purse is closed

-When you shop with your children, teach them to go to a store clerk or security guard if y ou get separated

-Try to use automated teller machines in the daytime. Have your card in hand and don't approach the machine if you are uneasy about people nearby