Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Community Services Division

Personal Safety Tips

Personal Safety In Your Car
Key in ignition
    • Keep your car in good working order.
    • Always keep your doors locked while driving.
    • Always park in well visible and lighted areas
    • Avoid parking next to larger vehicles
    • Have keys ready when approaching your vehicle
    • Keep all valuables locked in trunk or hidden out of sight
    • If you are being followed, drive to the nearest police or fire station
    • Use caution in underground parking garages
    • A cellular phone may be a good investment
    • Do not stop for stranded motorist, use cell phone or go to nearest phone booth and call for assistance
    • Do not pick up hitchhikers!!!!!
    • If you have a flat tire, drive to a safe area
    • Carry in your car a flashlight, fix-a-flat, warm clothing, portable fire extinguisher, first aid kit, empty gas can and a window with CALL 911 on it.

Padlock around house Personal Safety In Your Home
    • Have lights at all entrances.
    • Have a wide angle door viewer on all exterior doors.
    • Have good locks on all doors and windows.
    • Do not open door to unexpected visitors.
    • Do not hide keys in easily accessible places.
    • Do not let strangers in your home under no circumstances.
    • Ask for photo I. D. on all repair persons.
    • Never give personal information to phone solicitors.

Personal Safety On The Street
    • Never Hitchhike! It's not worth the risk.
    • Be careful when using walk up ATM's or drive-up ATM's.
    • When walking, walk with confidence and purpose.
    • Do not read while walking or standing.
    • Do not wear headphones while walking or jogging.
    • Do not overload yourself with a lot of packages. Keep your hands free as possible.
    • Avoid being on the street alone.
    • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
    • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry. It could make you a target.

Personal Safety On A Bus or Subway
    • Use only well-lighted busy stops. Do not enter poorly lit tunnels or stairwells alone. Try to stay with a group of people.
    • Have exact fare when boarding. Be careful when opening your purse or wallet in a crowd.
    • The safest place to sit is near the driver in an aisle seat so you can move easily if necessary.
    • Do not sit in an empty train car alone. Sit where there are other passengers.
    • Stay alert at all times. Try not to sleep.
    • If you get harassed, loudly say, "Leave me alone!!!. If that does not work, hit the emergency button.
    • Observe people at your stop. If you feel uncomfortable, go to the next stop.
    • Watch out for homeless people and vagabonds who hang out at bus or train stops and do not give them money if they ask for it.

Personal Safety When Shopping
    • Don't display large sums of cash in public. Be discreet about money or other valuables you carry.
    • Be alert in public restrooms. If anything seems suspicious, leave immediately and contact security.
    • Stay alert in crowds to protect your valuables.
    • Do not keep your keys or personal information in your purse in case it is lost or stolen. Someone can find it and have your information.
    • Try to park as close to the entrance of the mall or store as possible.
    • Make a note or by some other means remember your parking spot or area.
    • Have your keys out before leaving the mall or store.
    • If you are alone at night, request security to walk you to your car.
    • Keep all packages you have purchased in the trunk of your car.
    • Be alert when approaching your vehicle to enter into it. Check underneath the vehicle and inside before entering it.
    • These safety tips are designed to help you reduce and minimize the chances of you becoming a victim. These tips in no wise guarantee that you will never be a victim of a crime. Remember that personal safety is everyone's responsibility. This brochure is a public service of the Alton Police Department Community Services Unit.