Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Alton Weed & Seed Strategy

Working To Improve The Quality Of Life In neighborhood at a time

Mission Statement
The mission of the Alton, IL Weed and Seed Strategy is to weed out violent crime, drug trafficking, drug-related crime, prostitution-related crime, general disorder and derelict or sub-standard housing from the Hunterstown, Middletown and Mexico neighborhoods and then seed these areas through social and economic revitalization.

Fundamental Principles
Collaboration between residents and community groups, Federal, State, and local governments, as well as service agencies and the private sector. Coordination to bring together these stakeholders to concentrate resources in the neighborhoods and maximize benefits of existing services and programs. Community Participation to empower stakeholders to become involved in the strategy, knowing that broad citizen involvement is more effective than a strategy designed to provide services to clients. Leveraging Resources to fully fund the Weed & Seed strategy, because our five-year funding cannot provide the amount of resources needed to transform and revitalize a neighborhood.

The Alton Weed & Seed Strategy works collaboratively with residents and over 100 agencies, organizations and groups to advocate for and provide educational, recreational, social, and employment opportunities within the Weed & Seed Neighborhoods for residents, young and old.

Community Oriented Policing:
Under this model of policing, officers and residents utilize an ongoing, systematic, process to identify neighborhood problems, disorder, and crime hot spots or trends. Problem oriented policing then employs a strategic model to collaboratively develop effective responses to these issues to improve quality of life and reduce crime hot spots. Through regular public meetings we foster a shared sense of responsibility for identifying, developing , and implementing these solutions. We refer to these activities as "weeding".

In Alton these activities include:
Neighborhood Problem Solving Meetings
National Night Out Kick Off
Youth & Family Activities with Officers
Neighborhood Clean-ups
Crime Mapping To Identify Hot-Spots
Citizen Police Academies

Law Enforcement:
Weed & Seed’s law enforcement component is designed to reduce crime and violence to improve resident quality of life. Efforts are directed at identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting the most serious and visible criminals in the neighborhoods to the fullest extent of the law. These efforts are undertaken by multi-agency task forces in Alton, Madison County and the United States Attorney’s Office. Collaboratively reducing neighborhood crime and disorder sets the stage for neighborhood revitalization or "seeding".

In Alton these activities include:
Nuisance Abatement Task Force
Knock and Talks
Prostitution "Sting" Operations
Hot Spot or Targeted Police Patrols
Neighborhood Problem Solving Meetings
State, Federal & Local Partnerships

Prevention, Intervention & Treatment:
The prevention, intervention and treatment component focuses on neighborhood efforts to enhance protective factors while reducing risk factors, thus promoting wholesome behavior that can lead to good health, well-being and personal success. This component focuses an array of human services on the neighborhoods to create an environment in which crime and violence cannot thrive. The reduction of risk factors and increase of protective factors is the hallmark of "weeding and seeding".

In Alton, this group focuses on increasing educational and employment opportunities for residents, young and old, within the neighborhoods and works collaboratively to support: / provide:

After-School & Summer Youth Activities
H.O.P.E. / Prostitution Reduction Strategy
The Coming Home Reentry Strategy
Alton Youth Development Strategy Partnership
Community Collaborations
Faith Based Collaborations

A collaboration between Lewis & Clark Community College & The Alton Weed & Seed Strategy has made possible:

The Family Learning Center
5th St & Central Ave, Alton, IL
(Old St. Patrick’s School)
Here are a few things we offer:
Internet Access, GED Classes, Basic Computer Skills Training,Project Read - Literacy Skills Employment Readiness & Resume Writing Skills Call Margo Swift at 465-3928 for information and hours of operation.

Neighborhood Restoration:
This component attempts to improve resident quality of life and revitalize the economic and social conditions of the neighborhoods, by working collaboratively to develop, influence and implement community responses to resident concerns. In Alton, information provided by residents, (forms are available online at our website) drives the work of the Nuisance Abatement Task Force. The N.A.T.F. has attempted to bring the housing stock within the city into compliance with building codes, ordinances and occupancy requirements. While we face ongoing challenges, many nuisances have been abated.

The Family Learning Center at
Old St. Pat’s School Community Center
Central Avenue @ East 5th Street

Hellrung Park Revitalization & Youth Activities Within Neighborhoods Parks Neighborhood Clean-ups Cookouts, Celebrations & Social Events Neighborhood Beautification Projects Encouraging Neighborhood Business Development, Affordable Home Construction, Employment & Training Opportunities & Resident Empowerment through local political action.

Encouraging Resident Homeownership Through Utilization of the City of Alton First -Time Home Buyers Program & The D.H.S. ASSETS ILLINOIS Individual Development Account Program administered by Madison County Community Development

Steering Committee

The Alton Weed & Seed Strategy is over-seen by a Steering Committee. Residents and Agency representatives meet quarterly to plan and sustain these efforts.