Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons
Report Drug House
Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Although we cannot guarantee a response to every message, your answers to these questions will help us understand and respond to your comments and suggestions.
Street address of suspect drug house:
Brief description of the drug house
(Color, location on block, 1 or 2 story):
When are the drug sales are made? Mornings
Certain day(s) of the week? Which one(s)?
Beginning of the month?
End of the month?
Where are drugs sold? Front Door
Back Door
Right Side Door
Left Side Door
Right Side Window
Left Side Window
Do you smell any chemicals?
Average number of visitors in 3-hour period:
Average amount of time visitors stay at house:
Describe security at this house: Boarded windows
Bars on windows
Re-inforced doors
Guards - Where?
Guard gogs - Where?
Other - Describe:
Names and any nicknames (if known) of suspected drug dealers at that address. (If you do not know their names, please give a description of the individuals.)
What are they selling?
Cars of residents and visitor cars:
Year and Make License Plate State
What day is trash pick-up day?
Do they burn trash at residence? Yes No
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