Chief of Police. Jason A. Simmons

Community Services Division

Elderwatch Program

Collage of Senior Citizens The ElderWatch is a program designed to assist senior citizens who live in single unit residences or multi-unit residences. The purpose of the program is to encourage seniors to provide personal information to the police department that will be entered into LAWMAN, which will allow dispatchers and station personnel to access their information in the event of an emergency. It can also be an asset for responding emergency personnel (Alton Police Patrol Officers and Alton Fire and Rescue). The program is strictly voluntary and the senior citizen should voluntarily fill out the Alton Police Department ElderWatch Program form to participate. The form has (6) six sections to be filled out.

The first section is the participant section which includes their name (first name, last name, middle initial), address, phone number, date of birth, race, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and vehicle information.

The second section is the medical information section in which the participant provides doctor's name, preferred hospital, chronic illnesses, allergies, medications, any special needs/considerations, and whether they have a living will.

The third section is the durable power of attorney section, which the participant lists the name of a person who has power of attorney if applicable.

The fourth section is the neighbor information section in which the participant lists a neighbor's information, which would include last name, first name, middle initial, address, phone number, and whether or not the neighbor has a key to the participant's residence.

The fifth section is the relative information section. In this section the participant can list the name of (2) two relatives along with address phone number and whether or not the relatives have a key to the residence.

The sixth section is the social worker/agency information section which the participant list the name of a social agency/worker whom the participant is involved with, their phone number and whether or not they have a key to their residence.

There is also a small section for funeral home request that is connected to the social worker/agency information section. Once the ElderWatch form is completed, then it will be forwarded to me and I will enter their information in LAWMAN through the "ADD NEW ADULT NAME" section and then marked in red letters "ELDERWATCH PARTICIPANT". The information can be accessed through the "INQUIRY" section in LAWMAN by simply typing in the name of the senior citizen.

The ElderWatch participants will then receive a magnet to place on their refrigerator that indicates they're an ElderWatch participant. When emergency personnel are dispatched to a resident of a senior citizen, upon arrival they should take a few seconds to locate their refrigerator to see if they have an ElderWatch magnet on their refrigerator. If a magnet is observed, then emergency personnel know they have important information at their disposal about the senior citizen if the need arises.

This program is also beneficial when welfare checks are made on a senior citizen and you cannot determine if they are inside injured in some way or gone. If the senior citizen is an ElderWatch member you can notify dispatch and provide the name of the senior citizen. Dispatch will then look up the name to see if they're a Elderwatch member and then determine if there is a key holder instead of having to force your way into their residence, possibly causing damage to the residence.

For more information or how to participate in the ElderWatch Program, contact Sgt. David Goins @ 618-463-3505 ext 238 or email him @

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